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Instructions For Post Extraction Care


  • NO SMOKING! Can cause a very painful condition called dry socket. 

  • DO NOT DRINK FROM A STRAW! You can cause the blood clot to come out again causing a dry socket.

  • DO NOT SPIT! let saliva drip from your mouth if you must but we want to keep the clot in place.

Mouth Rinse:

Do not rinse the mouth for at least twelve hours after the extraction. Tommorow, use solution consisting of one half teaspoonful salt dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water and rinse gently.



A certatin amount of bleeding is to be expected following tooth extraction. If the bleeding fails to stop within a reasonable time, place a roll of sterilized gauze over the wound and bite down firmly for ten minutes. Repeat if necessary. Avoid hot liquids and mouth rinse.


To Relieve Swelling:

Apply ice bag, or towel saturated in ice water against cheek for fifteen minutes. Repeat half hour later. Swelling after extraction is not uncommon and need not cause alarm.



Soft, cool foods are advisable during first 24 hours.


In case of unusual disturbance please call us 1-877-585-2113


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