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A Comfortable Experience

It is common to be nervous about visiting the dentist. 

We offer sedation options that will help you have a calm experience. 

Sedation Options

Nitrous - Nitrous Oxide is a gas that is administered by inhaling it through your nose. Often referred to as "laughing gas". This option is available and safe for all ages.

Oral sedation - This a medication prescribed by the Dentist before the appointment. It makes you more drowsy than usual so you will need a chaperone to accompany you to the appointment. Must be 12 years or older for this type of sedation.

General Anesthesia - This is used when a patient has extensive dental work needed or is too nervous to be still. A Dentist will refer you to a surgical centre for the procedure. This option is available and safe for all ages.  If you have already been referred and need more information click the button here:

Dental Sedation is safe and effective when administered by an experienced and qualified dental professional. Ask the dentist at your next visit about our sedation options.

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